About us

Störkoch is an old, nowadays rarely used German word to describe a cook who prepares meals in other people’s kitchens.

For us, the term Störkocherei is progammatic: We can find our way around not only in different kitchens, but also in different and new cuisines: Asian, mediterranean, fusion, km0 and the avant-guarde cuisine in particular are our favourite playgrounds. Finally, we return with the finest morsels from our wanderings to our own hearth and pass them on in courses or as a Störkoch, a caterer, to friends and hosts. And who knows, many hosts and clients have become our friends over time.

The articles on this site are written by Joseph Pelrine and Michael Podvinec.

Our website is bilingual. Since English and German are our respective mother tongues, we write recipes and articles in either of these languages. Some items are translated, but not everything by far. Therefore, we can only suggest to explore our site also in the other language.

Just contact us to learn more.

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